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Turkey /Istanbul (Anadolu) /Pendik
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See translation with Google Translate Google Translate As it is known, substance addiction has affected many young people in our country, the fight against substance addiction is a very difficult and patient process. Every day we use tobacco products, considering such a picture, developing new approaches in the fight against substance addiction should be our primary goal. Within the scope of the project we have prepared, we aim to develop a new generation treatment method by using new technologies and therapy methods used in many different parts of the world in order to prevent substance addiction and help addicted individuals struggle. With the method we aim, the psychological and physical condition of the person, blood, urine, etc. We will create a personalized treatment model by taking into account the tests and create the treatment of substance addiction using herbal and psychological therapy methods. Our treatment model includes improving the psychological and physical health of the person within the scope of combating substance addiction by blending many traditional and contemporary techniques such as thai massage, spa, acupuncture, seaweed therapy, sports techniques, herbal and complementary treatment methods in a personalized way.

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Main Office
Ahmet Yesevi Mahallesi Kerem Sokak No:9/1-/15- Kat:5 Pendik/İSTANBUL (Sağlık bilimleri üniversitesi Teknokent İdari ve Kuluçka Merkezi Binası)
Pendik / Istanbul (Anadolu) /
Telephone: +90 5455878554

Main Office Istanbul (Anadolu) / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
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Business Type Service Provider